Floatation therapy is not a magic cure or quick fix for weight loss. It’s in the context of psychology, by helping people change the behavior of overeating…not about physical components, that makes float therapy a possible treatment for weight loss. Unlike most medications, floating does not come with a long list of possible side effects.

Floating Helps to Change Behaviors

Much research touches on how the relief from stress and anxiety, increased focus, and meditative qualities helps people change their behavior. Consciousness shifts to a less defensive and more receptive state. Many people turn to things such as food, cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs to provide comfort during times of emotional distress. Addicts may feel as though they cannot find relief anywhere else. When those struggling with addictive behaviors engage in REST, they find that comfort and safety in a completely different manner. That discovery leads to a disruption of habits and increased feelings of control that can be key to behavior change.

Sleep Quality Helps Weight Loss

Floating has also been used to improve a person's sleep quality. Getting adequate sleep helps the body to recover from exercise, eliminate toxins, reduce stress, and boost the brain's ability for better decision making regarding habits. All of these can contribute to weight loss.

Floating Enhances Known Treatments

Floatation therapy can help combat weight loss by enhancing other treatments. For instance, meditation has been shown to reduce emotional eating. Floating is known to complement regular meditation practices which reduce stress.

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