Just as people dealing with stress or anxiety can find relief in the float tank, individuals suffering from PTSD have found that floatation therapy offers relief and lowers their PTSD symptoms.

What is PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD, is a disorder that can develop after an individual survives a trauma. Feeling fear and panic during a dangerous situation is normal (essentially, that is our fight-or-flight response), but PTSD develops when those agitated feelings and symptoms linger long after the trauma has passed.

PTSD Symptoms

PTSD symptoms can keep a person from leading a full and healthy life, although this can vary person to person. Symptoms include reliving the trauma during waking hours (accompanied by physical affect like sweating or a pounding heart), experiencing vivid nightmares, and having trouble sleeping. Some PTSD sufferers can never truly relax, while others become emotionally numb and lose interest in the hobbies and passions that once gave great pleasure.

Those with PTSD

PTSD can occur for a variety of reasons. Combat veterans are the most common segment of the population that experiences PTSD. The disorder can also happen when an individual survives a disaster, car accident, physical or sexual assault, or even witnesses a family member or loved one experience danger, harm, or death.

How Floating Can Help PTSD

Living with PTSD is not easy, but treatment options are available—and as a complement to traditional methods of treatment such as cognitive and exposure therapy, spending time in a float tank can provide immense relief from the symptoms of PTSD.

Floating Relieves PTSD-Related Stress and Associated Disorders

Spending an hour or two of complete quiet and calmness in a float tank has shown to help relieve ongoing anxiety and tension associated with PTSD.

Associated disorders (clinically known as “comorbid disorders”), such as depression, anxiety, or substance abuse can also be helped by spending time in a float pod. Chronic pain that many survivors of combat wounds or physical traumas may carry with them years after the initial event can also be relieved.

Treating these symptoms helps the individual with PTSD who feels less pain, gets a good night of sleep, and is able to curb unhealthy smoking or drinking habits is very likely to feel better overall which helps them be better equipped to deal with their PTSD trauma.

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