Pain can be from a variety of different sources. Whatever the source, floatation therapy can offer relief because you are effortlessly floating with zero pressure on muscles and joints, supplemented by the stress reduction and enhanced sleep; you'll find it can work wonders for relieving pain. Floating’s pain-relieving power is also backed by science.

Stress-Related Pain Reduction

Stress can create muscle tension with much discomfort. Floating allows tense joints and achy muscles to experience true relaxation without any pressure as your float. On top of the physical stress relief, mental stress is also reduced after experiencing a sense of peace and calm in the float pod. 

Muscle Tension Reduction

Floating is an excellent treatment for muscle tension. The buoyancy of the Epsom salt solution used helps to keep the body in a relaxed state with no needed use of muscles and zero pressure.

Chronic Pain Reduction

Even though it's hard to pinpoint the source of chronic pain, floating relaxes the whole body including any undocumented source of pain.

Headache Pain Reduction

Many floaters have experienced relief from migraine headaches and chronic headaches. The high amounts of magnesium in the float tank from the epsom salt also helps to treat migraine headaches. 

If you or a loved one suffers from chronic pain of any kind, the scientific research suggests that floating is absolutely worth a try. We happily offer a first-time floater discount, and have monthly membership options to make it more affordable for floating to become part of a regular chronic pain treatment routine. View our plans and pricing.

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