Floating naturally complements meditation. Both involve finding a quiet place within your own mind, and both have been linked to benefits like lowering stress and anxiety. Floating can be a great place to begin to learn the act of meditation for newcomers — and can help take experienced meditation practitioners to new levels of calm and peace.

What is Meditation?

Meditation involves training your mind to find peace and calm while being in a state without distraction or worry. It's been practiced for thousands of years in many different forms.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation brings a wide range of mental and physical benefits to those who practice it. It's been shown to lessen anxiety, depression, and pain. It also has other benefits such as improving learning and memory as well as behavioral change.

How Floating Enhances Meditation

Floating and meditation share the same purpose: to remove distraction while improving self awareness.

Since floating acts as an aid to removing distractions, it enhances meditation. You are literally shut off from the outside world in a float pod; noise doesn’t reach you, and you can’t reach your smartphone!

Additionally, floating often helps individuals connect with their bodily rhythms like never before, which is also similar to some forms of meditation. Many floaters have reported hearing their heartbeats more clearly, or being aware of their breathing in ways that they’ve never experienced outside the float tank.

Finally, floating as a form of meditation can be more comfortable for those who suffer from muscle tension or aching joints because of the weightless sensation of floating.

If you have ever thought of meditating or are having problems reaching the state of calm you need during your meditations, we would love to introduce you to float therapy. Review our Float FAQs, and then feel free to contact us with any remaining questions you might have. When you’re ready, you can book online anytime! We also have gift certificates available.

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