Fibromyalgia is disorder causing chronic pain. Those who suffer from it report experiencing some combination of a dull ache, stiffness, and/or tenderness across their entire body—usually in the muscles. People with fibromyalgia also tend to experience insomnia, headaches, fatigue, and stress as a result of living with the chronic pain. Floatation therapy has been found to be a significant source of relief for symptoms of fibromyalgia. 


There are many ways, both physical and emotional, that fibromyalgia patients find relief in the float tank:

Physical Pain Relief

Floating provides immediate relief on the muscles and joints because of its sense of weightlessness. This makes it a natural therapy for those with fibromyalgia. Many fibromyalgia patients report less and less pain when they float on a regular basis, not just immediate relief from one single float session.

Improved Quality of Sleep

Floating is linked to better quality sleep which further helps fibromyalgia patients because they typically experience insomnia due to their discomfort.

Reduced Stress & Anxiety

Some fibromyalgia patients have expressed that stress can aggravate the physical symptoms of the disease. Since floating has been well-established as a method of reducing stress, the relief can be very effective for fibromyalgia sufferers especially when considering that floating helps reduce the physical relief of the symptoms as well.

Increased Magnesium Levels

Keeping magnesium levels in your body on point can help reduce fibromyalgia pain. Our float pods are full of magnesium-rich Epsom salt solution which may help fibromyalgia patients find extra relief of symptoms thanks to absorbing the magnesium through their skin during a float session.

Improved Concentration and Focus

Some fibromyalgia patients also report experiencing the inability to focus or concentrate, perhaps due to the discomfort of chronic pain. As the chronic pain is reduced from float therapy, the patient's concentration and focus also improve.

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