Would you like to experience a boost in our ability to think, learn, and solve problems? Floating can help! Many floaters experience enhanced creativity, learning, and memory.

Downtime is Good for the Brain

Many of us have experienced an "Aha" moment while in the shower or going for a walk. This goes along with the theory that taking a break boosts creativity and problem-solving.

Floating and the Brain

Floating, which is much like meditation, is the ultimate downtime. Since all external sources of distraction are removed, floating provides an extreme form of rest, and this appears to amplify the positive effects of letting our default-mode networks take over.

Increase your Memory Function

When a person gets better sleep, they tend to have increased brain function in the learning and memory capacity. Many individuals who float on a regular basis report having better quality of sleep than before floating.

Increase Effects of Meditation

Another indirect way floating improves memory and learning is through enhancement of meditation, which has been shown to improve our ability to pay attention.

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