Some professional athletes consider floating to be their secret weapon. This is not a surprise to us since floating has so many physical and mental benefits.

Physical Benefits of Floating for Athletes​
  • Healing and Pain relief: Floating assists in reducing chronic pain from injury due to the zero pressure and relaxed state of the body. 

  • Better Sleep: Floating helps improve the quality of sleep, which can be crucial leading up to highly competitive athletic events.

  • Enhances Physical Recovery Time: Speeds up muscle repair and helps process lactic acid faster.

Mental Benefits of Floating for Athletes
  • Stress Relief: Floating provides a much-needed escape and enhanced sense of relaxation to allow athletes to destress from a high stress sport. This helps them perform better.

  • Increased Focus & Concentration: The meditative-like state of floating may deserve all the credit for providing athletes a boost of focus and concentration. 

  • Positive Visualization: The quiet secluded float pod is a great place for athletes to visualize performance success.

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