When you consider the usual symptoms of ADHD, it seems like common sense that floating could help: Individuals with ADHD can experience inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness. Floating can reduce stress, promote cognitive abilities like creativity and focus, and provides an instant break from overstimulation. Additionally, the benefits of floating do seem uniquely suited to help many of the disorder’s symptoms.

Many pre-teen and teen children who suffer from ADD or ADHD have experienced relief from ADHD and ADD. Parents often share that in the following week after a floating session their children are more focused, easier to control, and less hyper; their teachers also report similar results when dealing with them after a recent float.

Floating, Sleep, & ADHD

Both children and adults with ADHD tend to struggle with sleep, especially with insomnia and restless sleep…while many believe that children with ADHD need even more sleep than children without the disorder. Floating may help—studies have shown that floatation therapy can treat insomnia and improve overall quality of sleep.

Floating, Magnesium, & ADHD

According to studies, individuals with ADHD are likely to be deficient in a few specific nutrients, including magnesium. Supplementing with magnesium might lead to a decrease in symptoms. Each float tank has water saturated with magnesium-rich Epsom salts, so in addition to experiencing relaxation, individuals may experience the added bonus of absorbing additional magnesium through the skin.

Floating, Overstimulation, & ADHD

Many doctors recommend limiting screen time and video games for those who struggle with ADHD. The float tank is a place that’s made for unplugging. While it can be a challenge at first to experience such quiet and lack of stimulation, it has been suggested that individuals with ADHD find a unique sense of calm during floatation that is hard to achieve in daily life.

If you or a loved one struggles with ADHD/ADD, spending time in the peace and quiet of a float tank may help. Review our Float FAQs, and then feel free to contact us with any remaining questions you might have. When you’re ready, you can book online anytime! We also have gift certificates available.

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